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How To Wash Your Face

How To Wash Your Face
February 5, 2014 3 minute read

I figured I would start with the basics, because they’re the simple things that create the foundation for a flawless complexion. But it turns out that cleansing is not all that simple – in fact, we’ve been doing it completely wrong! So this is why I’m dedicating a whole post to How to Wash Your Face.

Let me start with the basic mechanics of washing your face – I know, yawn. But this is important, so listen up people!

1. Remove your makeup before you wash your face. The idea of smudging foundation and makeup around my skin as I open up my pores just does not sit well with me. The biggest excuse in the book when it comes to not taking makeup off or, dare I say, foregoing cleansing altogether (yuck) is “I’m too tired, I’ll do it in the morning.” No! It’s not acceptable. So this is my solution – take off your makeup as soon as you get in for the afternoon, evening, whatever. My first stop is always to the bathroom to take my makeup off.

2. Apply your cleanser to a dry face. This transformed my skin when I started doing it years ago. But, if you’re going to use your Clarisonic – which I highly recommend you all get – make sure your face is wet first, but more on how to use your Clarisonic later.


3. My next tip is from skin guru Caroline Hirons (who is also a believer of applying cleanser to a dry face) who says to remove the cleanser with a fresh cotton face towel dampened with water. She suggests hot, I suggest warm (I don’t like to use extremes on my face). I bought two 12-set cotton face towel packs from Bed Bath and Beyond for $10 each. This way I can easily use a fresh face towel every day because I most certainly do my laundry every 24 days.

4. After you cleanse your face, you need to spritz it with a mineral water. Don’t use toner (unless you have be told to and it works for your skin). We don’t need toner – unless you’re one of those people who walks around constantly blotting your face (keep in mind you may be making your face oily because you’re stripping your face of it’s natural oils when you cleanse and use an inadequate moisturizer after – oily skin means your skin is dehydrated), then you can use a toner. And you don’t need to tell me how lovely some of those toner sprays are, so if your skin can handle it, by all means, spritz a little toner on with your mineral water. I’m gettig off track, ok, so let the mineral water absorb into your skin before continuing.

5. Apply your serums. There are endless amounts of serums available with endless benefits to offer. These gems can be a perfect way to get antioxidants and problem targeting treatments into your routine. Of course, you’ll need the right ones! I don’t usually add serums to my skin care routine, but when I do it’s after my skin has been particularly rebellious and I need to pack a few more nutrients into my cleansing routine. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something by pampering my skin and taking matters into my own hands.

6. Moisturize your face. Use an SPF in the daytime (minimum 30) – even in the winter! Those sunrays can be harmful even on the cloudiest of days, and the reflection off of snow can be even worse! In the evening (or daytime if you’re staying indoors), use a hydrating, skin replenishing moisturizer. Two moisturizing products, that’s all you need. “No eye creams?!” you exclaim. You totally can, and I totally do, but there’s no scientific evidence that they always do what they claim (read the ingredients). Puffiness and bags are usually self-inflicted (late nights, too much salt, too much alcohol); dark circles are hereditary (I was so angry when I discovered this one – as I’ve been slathering creams on my dark circles since I was 13, thanks Mom and Dad). Some products can certainly help ease the aftermath of a crazy night (phew) but in terms of anti-aging there’s really one superstar ingredient that works (I’ll keep you in suspense with that one, evil I know).

7. Apply treatments to any brewing spots as a final step.

There you have it! Morning and night, twice a day, How to Wash Your Face in a nutshell.


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