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February 5, 2014 1 minute read

I am obsessed with having healthy, glowing skin. I probably (ok, definitely) take it to an insane level sometimes, but oh well. My favourite Christmas gift as a two year old was soap – I think that about explains it. I strongly believe that this glow is something everyone should be able to attain, and since I’m the crazy person who researches the effects of ingredients on skin and loves to try out new face masks on my Saturday nights…I figured I’d create this blog to help out those who don’t have the time or the desire to master the art of skin maintenance. Truthfully though, no pot of cream will magically make you beautiful – and that’s why this blog won’t just focus on holy grail lotions and potions. Your glow will come from the inside. Most of the time I believe that it’s the simple things like the act of taking the time to run yourself a bath that will do it. It’s not the brand of Epsom salts that you add to it, or the scent of the essential oil – it’s the fact that you treasure your body enough to want to pamper it. And seriously, how good do you feel after? That will show.

This all pretty much blazed the trail for the name of my blog: Sincerely, Skin. Your skin is constantly talking to you whether you listen to it or not. Ate a big cheesy pizza and an extra large Coca Cola? Hey, I don’t judge, pizza is the bomb – your skin, on the other hand, is totally judging you and it’s telling you to take it easy on the junk food by planting that big zit on your forehead. Our skin is affected by so much more than the food we eat though – there’s exercise, cleansers, sleep…the list goes on. The KEY thing to understand when working towards creating healthy skin is that each person has a completely different recipe for it. I’ll provide you with the ingredients, but the rest is yours to have fun with!

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