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The Glow Juice: Genesis Today’s Organic Noni

The Glow Juice: Genesis Today’s Organic Noni
February 7, 2014 3 minute read

You can help your skin out by taking care of it with the right treatments, but what you put into your body will take you all the way to that coveted radiant glow. Internal health is much more effective than applying a highlighter when it comes to creating beautiful skin. I love discovering new superfoods and supplements that enhance my diet, because what I eat shows in my complexion. Enter Noni juice – one of my favourite glow-inducing secrets packed with penolics, organic acids, vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Noni Juice Health Supplement Glow Skin

My love for Noni comes from the benefits I see when I drink it. I swear my hair is silkier, my skin is definitely clearer and I certainly have more energy. Plus, Noni juice is heavily campaigned by supermodel Miranda Kerr, and in her interview on Into The Gloss (a personal favourite of mine) she brings it up again. Kerr claims that this fruit, Morinda citrifolia (a super nutrient packed source for over 170 vitamins and minerals), is what contributes to her flawless skin and boundless energy because of how Noni works on a cellular level. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having skin like MK. But the Noni fruit makes one heck of a juice, with a pungent taste that will either convince you it’s claims must be true (if it doesn’t taste bad it doesn’t work, right?!) or send you running in the other direction. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup o’ tea.

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I, however, love the taste of Noni and drink Genesis Today’s Noni juice almost every day. I prefer the concentrated form of Genesis Noni to Tahitian Noni juice, since Tahitian Noni has added natural fruit juices to “improve” its taste. This makes sense; Noni wasn’t called the “cheese fruit” for no reason. I drink 2 tablespoons worth of Genesis Today’s Organic Noni 100TM over ice in the morning and afternoon. If I want to switch it up I’ll usually add pure, organic, unsweetened grapefruit juice.

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But this fruit is relatively new to the North American market, and as with any new product, people will start to look for the bad in it. So in 2006, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) investigated the claims that noni caused hepatotoxicity. But they deemed the fruit safe for the general public and concluded that there is no causal relationship between drinking noni and liver damage; however, they did emphasize that the increased number of reports might indicate that some people are sensitive to noni fruit products. Multiple studies since this one have also concluded that there is no risk in consuming noni juice – I have yet to find one that deemed it unsafe. But listen to your body, and don’t go overboard and start drinking whole bottles of pure noni concentrate in one sitting!

Noni Juice Health Supplement

What about those health claims? The Journal of Food Composition and Analysis proved the fruit’s anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and arteriosclerosis preventing benefits through their in vitro and lab studies. They state that while the nutritional and medical value of Noni may not be conclusively researched yet, it certainly has many benefits. All that combined with the walking billboard that is Miranda Kerr swayed me towards continuing on with my glow juice.



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