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Yoga For Your Face

Yoga For Your Face
May 10, 2014 2 minute read

I have a new toy in my arsenal of skin care products. I don’t know what makes it the best thing ever; the fact that it doesn’t run out or the way it massages your face into a repaired, de-stressed and decongested canvas. Facial rollers are tools you must get hooked on.

ying yu facial roller


This fancy roller is double sided, but you can get the simple medium or small rollers individually as well. I believe there are only two options for the stone, rose quartz or jade. I chose the Ying Yu Rose Quartz Roller (Double), $87, because of its healing abilities. Have an open mind, skeptics, because even if the idea of a stone having powers is too much for you, you’ll be able to make sense of the literal benefits of rolling this stone over your face. But for those who believe in the healing ability of crystals, rose quartz is known as the “stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.”

ying yu facial roller


This roller (and the stone) has a positive influence over acne and wrinkles, it even aids with lymphatic drainage (which I am big on). I mean, do you ever workout your facial muscles? This tool relaxes them as you massage your face and neck, and give your mug the perfect lift. By stimulating blood flow and boosting circulation you are helping to banish any unwanted puffiness. Think of this as yoga for your neck and face.

ying yu facial roller


Before starting, I wash the roller with some SLS free soap and run it under cold water for a couple of minutes. I am obsessed with the extra refreshing feeling when the rose quartz is cool on my face. Now for the mechanics, always roll up. That’s what they tell you, and it makes sense – you want to go against gravity. But I do like to go sideways on my forehead, up and down on my neck, and towards my ears on my jawline. Otherwise, I start by rolling up on my nose using the small roller. After about 2-3 rolls, I move on to my cheeks using the medium roller. I roll straight up from the jawline to the eye area, working my way from my mouth to my ears. Then I use the medium side to roll up my chin, and sideways (as well as some upwards action) on my forehead. Next, I switch to the small roller and run outwards along my eyebrows. As my last roll on my face I take care of my eye contour, moving outwards from the tear duct and swooping up at the outward corner of the eye. For the front of the neck, I go up and down at first and end by going up. Now for the winning benefit: hangover cure. On those nights when one glass of wine turned into…more than one (bottle), rolling this cool stone up and down the back of your neck helps massively.

ying yu facial roller hangover cure


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