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Janice Alida

Janice Alida
June 3, 2014 14 minute read

Janice Alida – supermodel. It’s no surprise that this beauty is Canadian, her porcelain complexion the result of growing up in the fresh west coast air of Langley, BC. It was only three years ago that Janice left for France to model full time, and it was in the city of love that she landed her first major booking with Céline for Paris Fashion Week. After that fateful day she quickly catapulted to supermodel status as she was sought out by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Versace, Chloé, Marc Jacobs and YSL, and plastered all over Vogue, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar (to name a few). So here she is revealing all of her self care tricks to Sincerely, Skin. Enjoy!

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“My skincare routine is pretty basic – it just involves a lot of moisturizing. My face isn’t too oily, so I can go crazy with layers of lotions. I use the whole CeraVe line that you [Emma] recommended! In the morning I just jump in the shower and rinse my face and put the CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion on. I guess I don’t really wash it. But then at night I cleanse with their Hydrating Cleanser and put on the PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion and the new Eye Repair Cream. I don’t use a toner – I heard that they were created back in the day as a way to balance out your skin pH after cleansing with a bar of soap, but now with the cleansers we have today toners aren’t really necessary. I am obsessed with Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips though! I started using them when I was 13 years old at sleepovers and I still use them. They’re just an easy 10 minute DIY extraction. I’ll apply them to my nose and chin – peeling them off is so satisfying, it’s like looking at a mountain range on that strip [laughs]. Then I cleanse and moisturize again after.

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My job has a huge influence on my skin care routine, and I think I keep it so simple because things get crazy at photoshoots. My skin gets irritated with all of the different chemicals and products being thrown on it and sprayed around it. To avoid extra aggravation I always show up to a job with a blank face – although the makeup artist will usually cleanse my skin again with Bioderma Créaline H20. But I try to get the artists to use my moisturizer, just to keep things consistent.

I travel a lot for work, but I honestly don’t do anything special with my routine – maybe add a little extra moisturizer [laughs]. Plane conditions are really drying though, so I will constantly apply my lip balm when I’m in the air. I love the Chanel Rouge Coco Baume, but I will use whatever I find in my purse. Most of the time it’s just Carmex Lip Balm. Above all I just try to stay hydrated by drinking only water and tons of it.

I’m big on exfoliating for the summer, but I really don’t do much to my body. My one staple would be my Rose 31 soap from Le Labo. I definitely need to start caring for it the same way I care for my face. My guilty pleasure has always been basking in the sun all day; falling in and out of sleep, going back and forth into the water at the beach, relaxing – it’s dreamy. But I am naturally quite pale so I’m always careful to apply sunscreen. I did try to do that ginger bath you [Emma] talked about; I just didn’t know what to do with all of the ginger at the end! As the water started to drain I was frantically trying to scoop it all out before it could go through [laughs]. I think I need to put it in a mesh tea bag or something next time.

janice alida makeup

I’m not like most models where I have a bare face on my days off. I’ve learned all of these tricks from celebrity makeup artists that I have to take advantage of that! I love mascara. Actually, I love makeup [laughs]. I am obsessed with heavy mascara on my top lashes, blush, and highlighter on my cheeks. But I really hate taking it off at the end of the day – I do though. Religiously. I’ve been told that bit of advice far more than anything else, so I know it’s one of the most important things. So I use Dior Instant Eye Makeup Remover for that. Sometimes I leave on a bit of stubborn mascara, but only at hotels where I get lazy. 

Working as a model allows me to test out hundreds of high end products – each job is like a personal makeup consultation. So the ones I actually purchase are my all time favourites. Right now I’m loving the new Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer in 1 Awake. I don’t use foundation, so I just apply concealer to areas that need it. Once I’m out of this one I have to grab the RMS “Un” Cover-Up – I’ve worked with Rose-Marie a couple of times and love that all her products are organic. For mascara, I love the brush on the Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in 10 Noir. Another favourite of mine is the cheaper Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express in Classic Black – I like the yellow tube. I also love Dior Addict It-Lash in 272 It-Blue. It’s the easiest chic makeup look. Then for my staple blush I’ll use Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 76 Frivole. It looks tangerine in the package but it applies in a nice natural peach colour. Plus it smells like roses!

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I recently got into dark brown eyeshadow and realized it makes my blue eyes stand out a lot. So I’ve been using a Dior colour in their 5 Couleurs 708 Amber Design set. Other than that I don’t experiment with much eye shadow. When I want a little something more than balm on my lips I use a low maintenance lip gloss. I really like the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer plumping gloss. One product that I don’t own yet but want is contour. I see a lot of makeup artists using the Kevin Aucoin one – it gives the perfect natural shadow colour. For when I feel like adding a bit of colour, I use this NARS bronzer, which is great. There are so many pleasures in life, but my biggest indulgence is definitely buying brand new makeup – makeup or a new pair of shoes [laughs]. 

My hair has been coloured quite a bit over the years, but thankfully it’s not too dry. If it needs a bit of extra care I’ll put oil in it – at the tips, never at the roots. I use the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil. It smells amazing. I also like using a dry shampoo on my roots, it’s an easy fix for when my hair gets greasy. Right now I’m using the Orlando Pita Revive Dry Shampoo, it smells far better than any other one I’ve tried.

In terms of styling my hair, I use a flat iron almost entirely. I’ll use a bit of Aveda’s Control Force™ Firm Hold Hair Spray to tame it. I love all of the Aveda products. They’re an eco-conscious natural line, and the essential oils that they use make their products smell amazing. Every now and then I like a wet hair look, and for that I use an Aveda Gel. I don’t do much to maintain the cut right now; I’m letting it grow! But I get it coloured approximately every three weeks by Andre at Garren New York. I’ve been seeing him for almost a year now.

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My signature fragrance changes with the seasons. My favourites are Gucci Flora and Burberry Body, but I like way too many. There’s Roses de Chloé, Comme des Garcons Rose, Valentino Valentina, Burberry Brit, and Gucci Guilty – I love them all!” 


“I try not to focus on my weight – I’m lucky that I have such a fast metabolism and don’t need to stress about what I eat. I do have to eat healthy though; I have a sensitive stomach and my digestion isn’t that great, so I eat really fresh foods. I just feel better when I do. Plus my husband, Andrew, likes to eat healthily so for the most part we eat well and stay active. I like to say everything in moderation! My favourite meal would be fresh grilled salmon, but then with a nice dessert after. All natural/fresh foods make me feel good, but my ideal food day would involve some indulgences like a cinnamon bun or flourless chocolate cake, or maybe pancakes or waffles for breakfast – definitely a good coffee in the morning or afternoon. But then there is this dish at our favourite mexican restaurant, it’s a pot of melted cheese with pumpkin seeds on top that you dip crisp plantain chips in it. It’s unreal.

My advice for others would be to avoid extremes. I don’t think it’s healthy to go on severe diets, restrict carbs, avoid gluten, or do juice cleanses. I think if you eat an abundance of vegetables and much less man-made/processed things, you’re off to a great start. People get too complicated when it comes to food. Just make sure to get your proper nutrients so that above anything else you are the healthiest version of your self. I try to get most of my nutrients from my food, so I don’t take too many supplements – I think that’s best. I will take a multi-vitamin when I remember, and vitamin C to support my immune system. Fish oil pills are the only additional supplement I’ll take, they’re great for you memory, skin and hair. Maybe when I get older, and start to have kids, I’ll kick it up a bit.

janice alida elle france alex franco

I don’t change much before a big show or shoot, I just try to push myself to drink a ton of extra water, and if I’ve been eating crap – like a lot of sweets which I’m the biggest sucker for – I’ll cut that out a day or two before. When I’m out of town for long stretches I’ll book an Airbnb apartment so that I can cook at home, but I’m not one of those girls who will bring food to work if there is catering provided. I find there are usually healthy food options in studios. At home, I’ll snack on bananas, apples, and nectarines, but fresh stovetop popcorn is one of my favourite light snacks; I’ll make it with some olive oil and a bit of salt.

Living in New York has given me a new appreciation for wine. I never used to drink much back in Vancouver, mostly because you’d have to drive everywhere which made drinking near impossible. So I love relaxing at the end of the week with my friends and a glass of Pinot Noir the same way I love waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee. I think you can keep drinking a fairly healthy habit, so I just avoid heavy and sugary drinks. I really enjoy refreshing cocktails like Whiskey Sours and Dark & Stormys.”

janice alida elle france alex franco


“I’m naturally thin which means I don’t have to work hard for my body. It’s good and bad, it’s the worst for self-motivation. Even though I don’t workout for the sake of working out very often, Andrew and I lead a very active life. Living in New York in general keeps you in shape; we live on the fourth floor of a walk up, and we have Citi bike memberships that we use all the time. Just yesterday we biked all the way up to Central Park from SoHo. I also love to jump rope [laughs]. I don’t have a gym membership because they are so expensive here, so it’s just a great way to stay in shape. I do sets of about 100 and it really gets my heart rate up and uses my whole body! Then I’ll stretch. 

I really hate how I feel at the end of an inactive day. I, as well as so many people I know, can attest to the fact that being active completely improves your quality of life. I think the key is to incorporate exercise into your routine wherever possible. What works is making it your lifestyle.”

janice alida elle france alex franco


-product photos, interview and edit by Emma Hansen, May 2014 

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