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My 5 Favourite Products for Growing Bellies

My 5 Favourite Products for Growing Bellies
January 26, 2015 3 minute read

When part of your body starts to grow at an alarming rate you really notice when things start to get a bit dehydrated. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than dry and itchy skin that’s trying to stretch. Unfortunately, I can’t say that any of these oils will help you (or me) avoid stretch marks – they’ve been deemed a genetic trait. But I really believe that skin will have a better chance at surviving pregnancy mark free if it can stretch while it’s moisturized. At the very least they make growing far more comfortable, and so far so good in terms of stretch marks for me! There’s also something really sweet about taking the time to massage your baby’s home every day.

So here are the ultimate choices from my growing arsenal of belly butters and oils. By the length of this list you can tell that this is how I’m fulfilling my product-testing-beauty-junkie needs – because if my face routine can’t be exciting due to sensitive pregnancy skin, my belly routine can be!

1. Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, This oil is a classic when it comes to pregnancy oils, and I can see why. The smell is heavenly – it feels like a mini spa treatment when I apply post-shower. The only concern around it is that some people claim rosemary oil is to be avoided during pregnancy. It’s up to you whether you want to use anything during a time when everything seems to be off limits, but this was formulated by Clarins FOR pregnant women. So I choose to slather away.

2. Carol’s Blooming Belly Butter by Life Root, $22.50. This is a perfect product to take on the road with you. It’s a butter which means it travels way safer than an oil, and it’s a great size. But being a belly butter vs a belly oil means the absorbency isn’t quite as quick, although that makes it a great winter pregnancy choice. I love the light lavender scent and it applies so nicely to a rounding midsection.

3. Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil, $26. This oil first made an appearance in my Ode to Rose article, but it’s made a comeback during pregnancy. There’s something about all things rose scented that I can’t get enough of. I also use this on any other areas that have been suffering from pregnancy dryness, mostly my hips and breasts.

4. Substance Belly Jelly, $20. This is my favourite post-shower balm, and was gifted to me by my mom. The smell is a bit sweet, and may not be for everyone, but it provides a really nice and thick moisturizing layer. I just wouldn’t suggest putting it on before going out for the day as it doesn’t penetrate the skin quickly. It’s the perfect overnight balm though – I’ll wake up in the morning and still feel nice and moisturized!

5. Saje Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Blend, $30. My girlfriend who’s due the day after me gave this to me, and it’s quickly become a regular. It absorbs really quickly with no stickiness, making it perfect for morning applications and mid day touch ups. The rosewood, frankincense, tangerine and neroli give it a beautiful light and calming scent too.


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