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Face Mapping

Face Mapping
February 2, 2015 5 minute read

I’m obsessed with face mapping. Everyone knows I’m all about glowing skin starting from within, so it just makes sense to me that breakouts in certain regions of our face are associated with different issues. Above all, I trust that everything can be connected to diet. So if you don’t believe in face mapping just start with a good hard look at your overall health – especially the foods you consume – and I bet if you find just one thing to improve on you’ll see positive results in your face. But some issues are connected to environmental triggers, and here’s where a good face map may be just what the doctor ordered.

The internal connections I’ll describe below stem from the ancient Ayurvedic method of using your face to read the internal organs. Something that the likes of Dr Oz has supported. Ayurveda essentially treats skin issues from the inside, treating the cause instead of the symptom.



1. Bangs. If you have bangs or have ever had them you know that they tend to cause breakouts on your forehead. The grease from your hair, and from your fingers pushing your hair out of the way, cause pore blockages. Try to wash your bangs every other day, pin them back when you sleep, and keep your hands away from your face.

2. Stress. It comes with life. If you are a human being you probably experience stress daily. It can offset your nervous and digestive system; two systems that Ayurveda states govern the area from your hairline to your eyebrows. So taking a probiotic can help drastically.  

3. Dehydration. This area tends to get angry when you need some good moisturization – internal and external. Because of the link to the digestive system, the thin skin of your forehead breaks out in mostly small/bumpy acne stemming from lack of hydration. Make sure you pay special attention to this area when you exfoliate to eliminate that roughness, and moisturize with a non-comedogenic product. You’ll also want to increase your water intake and get your good fats for internal hydration – and don’t forget to cut out dehydrating foods as much as possible (yes, that means alcohol…and some people say coffee, but you know how I feel about coffee so I’ll never say anything bad about it). 



1. Dirty pillows. I always know when I’ve let my pillow go too long without a wash when I wake up with a couple spots on one cheek and not the other. I’m a stomach sleeper pre-pregnancy and a reluctant side sleeper during pregnancy so there’s always one sacrificial cheek that warns me when I’m overdue for a laundry day.

2. Smoking. Your cheeks are connected to your respiratory system, so smoking is definitely a significant pimple trigger in this region. Dryness, breakouts or irritation can occur when the lungs are unhealthy.

3. Internal inflammation. This area of the face is also linked to internal inflammation, which will cause angry and irritated breakouts on the cheeks. This makes so much sense to me, because treating these pimples with the usual benzoyl peroxide is like trying to put out fire with gas – it just makes things worse. I often find that a soothing and cooling treatment works the quickest for these breakouts!


Chin & Jaw

1. Hormones. Oh boy do I know this is true now more than ever. In pregnancy my primary breakouts have been on my chin and jawline, and I’ve certainly been on a hormonal rollercoaster ride since those two pink lines showed up. If you find that you breakout just before your period, chances are it’s probably in this general area, and they’re deep + painful. I find that regular workouts help to keep hormonal breakouts to a minimum. And if you’re not pregnant, evening primrose oil is a lifesaver.

2. Candida. Sugary, starchy and fatty foods may also be a major contributor to the acne along your chin and jaw. If you consume a diet high in processed foods, dairy or fried foods you will want to switch those things out for cleaner alternatives. Candida feeds on all of those things, so if you have a yeast overgrowth it will show up in this area of the face.  

Working to incorporate the solutions to all of these issues is something I strongly urge you to try. Even if you’ve got the complexion of an ivory skinned pre-pubescent girl. Keeping your fingers away from your face, minimizing stress, staying hydrated internally and externally, washing your pillows at least once a week, quitting smoking, getting fit, and cutting out bad fats, dairy, and processed foods will all lead to so much more than clear skin. Since that’s not all we’re after – right?


*seen first on Models for Wellness

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