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Reid’s First Birthday

Reid’s First Birthday
March 28, 2016 2 minute read

One word. Sometimes all it takes is one word to turn grief into empowerment, sorrow into joy, a life into a legacy. In one week, on April 4th, it will be Reid’s one year birthday, and on his birthday we’re asking you to share one word. Let me explain.

Reid has taught me some big and powerful things: how to see the light when all around there is darkness, how to love with both ferocity and tenderness, how to live in the present. He has shown me that in the deepest year of grief there are still big-belly laughs and soft, loving moments. He has given me the strength to surrender.

I know most of you are here because he has taught you some of these things too. Somehow, in some way, a tiny boy with a mighty soul has touched your life and changed your heart. He’s probably inspired you to speak up and use your words. Something has been sparked within you, as it has within me. Close your eyes, place your palms on your chest, and breathe. What’s been set on fire?

Aaron and I invite you to share this word with the world. What is it? What do you feel? That thing that you were too afraid to proclaim, that you didn’t quite believe, that keeps you going every day. The word that has inspired you to focus on the good, the positive, the true. What motivates you to never give up? Write it down, send it out, believe it.

Here’s what to do:

1. Write, paint, or create your word in whatever way you feel inspired. Be creative.

2. Take a photo of you with your word.

3. Share your word on social media on April 4th and use the hashtag #reidsreads. You can simply share the word or you can also accompany it with a bit about what your word means to you and why. NOTE: Your account needs to be public for us to see your post. If it must remain private and you’d like us to see your word please send it in an email to (if you don’t want us to share your image let us know).

4. Browse the hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and read the words of this beautiful community, connected by Reid. Shower these friends with love and support. Draw strength from their stories.

One word for one year. My, what a year it’s been. Thank you all for remembering, loving, and honouring Reid alongside us.


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