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Hello, Everett!

Hello, Everett!
April 11, 2017 2 minute read

I can’t believe that the tiny 3 week old peanut in these photos is now a chubby little 3 month old baby. The amazingly talented Mads of M & Him came into our home and captured our family after Everett was finally discharged from the NICU. These are such a treasure to us and will always serve as a reminder of those early days of parenthood. The milky ones, filled with little naps and endless baby snuggles. The days when our child fit in newborn diapers and lived in swaddles and was lulled to sleep by the humming of Hush, Little Baby.

With each stage of this journey Everett has taught us something new, and we find ourselves both missing the one that passed, enjoying the one we’re in, and anticipating the one to follow. What wild and wonderful times.


Thank you, Mads! You blended right in with your baby soothing moves and calm voice and were able to document our newborn bubble so sweetly. Check out some of her other work here, here and here.

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